May 8, 2023Liked by Skye Manson

Hi Skye, good timing on the green, I also painted a bedroom green this Easter. Yours is an excellent green. Green is a tricky colour depending on the light coming in.. our old house is so dark anything green looks slightly blue!

Looking forward to exploring the full suite of your newsletter, it’s tricky to know what you are missing out on.

PS lastly I wanted to add how much I loved all your podcasts.. they always filled my cup πŸ’š

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Oh Claire - how lovely to meet you here. Yes picking the right green was so tricky. This is Dulux Sink Hole, did I already say that. I hoping to be back podcasting in the second half of the year Claire so watch this space. Where do you hail from?

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Looking forward to the podcasts Skye. I live near Longford in Tasmania!

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